Cooperative Farming Learning Series

Virtual, Mondays, October 21, October 28, November 4—3-5 p.m.

Cooperatives do business differently—they are member-owned and controlled businesses that share profits and other benefits with users based on principles like self-help and equity. The model has long been applied in agriculture.

Learn about the cooperative business model in local food and agriculture contexts in this series:

  • Cooperation as a business model (October 21)—What are cooperatives? How do they compare to other businesses? How are they being used to build local food systems and farms?
  • Success as a cooperative (October 28)—Co-ops are people-based businesses with members, directors, and others playing key roles in the success of a cooperative enterprise. Dive into the key stakeholders in a cooperative and what they do.
  • Cooperative farming financial considerations (November 4)—Cooperatives share profits with their member-owners based on use. And members hold the equity in cooperative enterprises—key characteristics that are part of the “co-op difference.” Understand how money moves through a cooperative and key financial considerations for developing one in food and agriculture.

Sessions will be taught by team members at the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences Center for Cooperatives at OSU. The Center assists entrepreneurs, educates the community, and generates knowledge about the cooperative business model with a special focus on food, agriculture, and rural communities. Learn more at or

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This event is a part of OEFFA’s 2024 Farm Tour and Workshop Series.

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