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OEFFA Announces 2023 Farm Bill Platform

OEFFA farm bill listening session in Yellow Springs.

Today, the Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association (OEFFA) released its 2023 Farm Bill Platform, comprised of five planks: 

  1. Promote soil health and climate resilience through conservation policy; 
  2. Increase investments in local and regional food systems; 
  3. Address consolidation in the food and agricultural system; 
  4. Invest in organic and sustainable research; and 
  5. Provide more support to beginning and BIPOC farmers. 

The farm bill virtually structures the entire food and agricultural system in the United States. It is a major commitment by the government–and, by extension, taxpayers–to provide nutrition assistance, commodity and crop insurance subsidies, funding for on-farm conservation, support for renewable energy, and much more.  

The OEFFA 2023 Farm Bill Platform was developed by farmers and engaged citizens who shared their vision for a just and sustainable food system, expressing their hopes for the next farm bill through listening sessions and a survey. 

“OEFFA has an incredible community of farmers and non-farm members who believe that good, healthy, nutrient-rich food is a right. Together, we are working to build a food system that recognizes the intrinsic value of all living things, respecting the land, water, air, animals, and diversity of people that require our care,” said OEFFA Policy Director Amalie Lipstreu.   

This platform will serve as a roadmap for OEFFA’s work on the 2023 Farm Bill. OEFFA members will evaluate the legislation introduced to see how it fits with their needs and vision for a more healthy and resilient food system.  

“You can expect to see OEFFA member leaders communicating with members of the Ohio congressional delegation,” Lipstreu said. “We will continue to work in a bipartisan way to ensure the goals and needs of our members are being met.”

Learn more about OEFFA’s work with the 2023 Farm Bill at action.oeffa.org/farm-bill

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