A Letter from the OEFFA Board

Bonnie Chavez, OEFFA Interim Director
Bonnie Chavez, OEFFA Interim Director

Summer is a time of growth and opportunity, where we embrace new beginnings and evaluate our path forward in the growing season. Under the guidance of Carol Goland, our former executive director, OEFFA flourished from a grassroots movement to a thriving organization. With Carol’s leadership, we now certify more than 1,100 organic operations annually, manage a $3.6 million budget, and actively contribute to the national discourse on farm policy. Her diligent work has set the stage for tremendous growth.

Upon Carol’s departure, Rachel Tayse filled her shoes with fresh insights and a different perspective on the executive director position, strengthening internal procedures, increasing efficiency in our growing organization, and creating equity for all. Rachel helped us identify key areas of focus as we enter the summer season and settle into creating structures to support what we planted in the spring. On June 1, Rachel resigned from her position at OEFFA. We thank Rachel for her insights into the organization and believe she has left us with an incredible opportunity to further support the expansive growth of OEFFA.

Just as a farmer must always be ready to adjust to varying conditions on their farm, OEFFA has faced unexpected changes this year. But, similarly to a farmer who rises to the challenge and uses it as an opportunity to make their farm more resilient, we believe these recent changes will allow OEFFA to be better poised to meet its growing demands.

To assist us during this season of change, the board has partnered with Big Change Consulting. Jodi Segal leads Big Change Consulting and has more than 25 years of experience supporting nonprofits with operations and organizational change. We are pleased to announce that Bonnie Chavez is serving as Interim Director. Bonnie has a background in interim director appointments in various nonprofit sectors across the country. Big Change Consulting is also providing financial expertise from Kristin O’Connor, who has more than a decade of experience in audit assurance and tax services. Bonnie and the team at Big Change Consulting will ensure a smooth transition and position OEFFA for continued success.

As we navigate these changes, we must remember that organizations, like farmers, must evolve to meet new challenges. OEFFA’s ability to seize these moments as opportunities has been instrumental in our growth over the past 44 years. With the foundations laid by Carol and Rachel, Bonnie’s leadership, and the expertise of Big Change Consulting, we are well-positioned to adapt and propel OEFFA forward. We are thankful for our OEFFA staff as they continue to keep programs operational, work toward the goals of our strategic plan, and provide meaningful service to members. This transition period allows us to reflect, refine, and lay the groundwork for even greater achievements. We are excited about the possibilities and grateful for your unwavering commitment to creating a resilient future for OEFFA and our community.

Thank you for your dedication and support.

Warm regards,
The OEFFA Board

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