OEFFA Membership

Being a member of OEFFA  helps us cultivate a future in which sustainable and organic farmers thrive, local food nourishes our communities, and agricultural practices protect and enhance our environment.

OEFFA is a donation-based, tax-deductible membership organization, meaning joining and renewing your membership is as simple as ever. By donating just $60, or $5 a month, you receive an OEFFA membership that includes:

  • A subscription to the information-packed quarterly newsletter;
  • Discounted pricing to OEFFA’s annual conference and other events 
  • Membership in geographically- and interest-based chapters 
  • Exclusive communications for OEFFA’s educational events, including workshops, webinars, and farm tours
  • Food and farming policy updates and advocacy opportunities

If you are a student or require financial assistance, you can join OEFFA for a discounted price using this form. If you wish to give the gift of OEFFA membership, use this form.

Ohio Ecological Food and Farm Association
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