OEFFA Advertising Opportunities

OEFFA’s advertising options provide you an opportunity to reach 2,000+ members and supporters in across Ohio and the U.S. Our audience includes:

  • Organic farmers
  • Crop farmers
  • Livestock producers
  • Young and beginning farmers
  • Full- and part-time farmers
  • Gardeners and homesteaders
  • Buyers, retailers, and restaurants
  • Government, nonprofits, and educators
  • Conscientious eaters

OEFFA’s Quarterly Newsletter


The OEFFA News is a 24-page quarterly newsletter written by professional farmers and agricultural professionals, members, and OEFFA staff. It features stories and updates about OEFFA’s work and programs, production and marketing education, sustainable agriculture research, state and federal policy, resources, events, and recipes.

We estimate newsletter readership at 3,000-5,000 per issue. The newsletter is provided by mail and electronically to OEFFA members, distributed at farm tours and other events, and made available free to the public online.

Schedule and Deadlines

Sizes and Costs

Submission Guidelines

  • High resolution (300 dpi or greater) black and white electronic ads (pdf, jpg, or tif) only. Mailed, scanned, or faxed ads will not be accepted.
  • Email ads to newsletter@oeffa.org. Emails should include the name of the business, a contact name, a mailing address, a phone number, the size of the ad being placed, and the issue date.
  • Ads must be submitted by deadline and meet all design requirements.


Invoices will be sent by email or mail. Checks can be mailed to OEFFA News, 41 Croswell Rd., Columbus, OH 43214.


Advertising questions should be directed to Reilly Wright at (614) 421-2022 Ext. 217 or newsletter@oeffa.org.

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