Transition to Organic (TOPP)

OEFFA is a proud partner in the Midwest Transition to Organic Partnership Program (TOPP). This regional network provides mentorship, technical assistance, and wrap-around support for transitioning and existing organic producers. We serve producers in Arkansas, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.


Through TOPP, the Midwest Regional Center and its partner organizations work together to:

  • Connect farmers transitioning to organic with local, experienced organic mentors
  • Host farmer training and education
  • Provide education and technical assistance on agronomy, organic certification, extension, conservation planning, organic regulations, certification cost share, business development, and marketing
  • Build networks and strengthen the organic community
  • Develop and expand access to technical assistance and training
  • Support workforce training and development

Mentorship Program

The TOPP mentorship program builds connections between experienced organic producers and producers transitioning to organic, supports the transition process, and creates a stronger network of organic producers.

For Mentees

Transitioning producers gain support, guidance, and development through mentorship.

As a transitioning producer, you will receive free mentorship from an experienced organic producer. Mentors and transitioning producers will work together to set goals for the mentorship year and will form a strong network of organic producers across the region.

For Mentors

Mentors play a crucial role in helping new organic producers succeed while growing the organic movement.

As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to guide and support producers who are transitioning to organic, providing them with valuable insights, practical advice, and industry best practices. Mentorship training, time, and travel are paid. All crop and livestock producers are welcome to apply.

Questions about mentorship?

Technical Assistance

TOPP offers a variety of workshops, field days, and educational events in the region to provide technical assistance, training, and advising on organic-specific resources.

OEFFA also has dedicated sustainable agriculture educators on staff to answer questions about transitioning to organic.

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